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Spirituality between you and your ancestors !

Your spirituality create the tight connection between you and your ancestors, enrich your energy, endowed you with positive thought and divine energy to do the impossible and control the uncontrollable. It’s within you and waiting for you to wake it ...

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Ego -I know it all

I am the best No one is like me I’m better than everyone I hate apologizing to people I always win argument I don’t like nonsense I wanna have it all I know it all Anything I say is final ...

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Self-Love!!! (I love me and I love you)

Self-Love!!! The first thing you need to understand is that no one can love you like you love yourself. It’s to which the extent you love yourself that people will love you in return. Obstacles are meant to happen Challenges ...

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Different types of Love ?

Love! You need to know that their are different types of Love which includes: Real love Partial love Shared love Rain love Lust love And others… Love like you’ve never been in love before but at the same time, keep ...

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Everyone that smile and play with you wish you well ? (Odu Ogbe Otura)

In this life, you need to understand that not everyone that smile and play with you wish you well. Many people keep it real in front of you just because they are benefiting something from you but they will never ...

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world girl

Suicide!!! Some of the things that could make someone to be thinking of suicide

Suicide!!! What are the things that could make someone to be thinking of committing suicide? Some of them are: Difficulties Suffering Tribulations Lack of love Life Challenges Disappointment Lack of good things of life…… But don’t you know that suicide ...

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Paul Arisa

Only ₦400k out of ₦1m was given-  Family of cancer patient Paul Arisa denies Abia Govt

The group of tumor patient Paul Arisa have denied reports sent out yesterday that the Abia state representative have promised to take up his therapeutic treatment and fly him abroad for surgery.  They say the representative just gave N1million to ...

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Ademilola Odujinrin

Photo: Nigerian pilot set to be the 1st African to fly around the world alone

A Nigerian pilot named Ademilola Odujinrin is set to make history as the main African to fly far and worldwide alone. This verifiable excursion will happen in April as per Demilola who said he’s place everything set up to guarantee ...

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New Music Video: Waje – Omini Knowest

Watch the video after the page break.

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Se e ti gbo nipa Beewealth-Textiles?

Arambara aso oge mbe lowo Beewealth-Textiles!  

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