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Something symbolic, but very important is happening in the China-Russia partnership

Moscow-Beijing Express By Jeff J. Brown Cross-linked with China Rising: http://chinarising.puntopress.com/2016/07/29/something-symbolic-but-very-important-is-happening-in-the-china-russia-partnership-moscow-beijing-express-on-the-saker/ Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/44-days/something-symbolic-but-very-important-is-happening-in-the-china-russia-partnership Starting today, this map takes on a whole new geopolitical meaning. (Image by baidu.com) Up till now, both Russian and China have eschewed the concept of an “alliance”. Why? ...

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Syrian War Report – July 29, 2016: Humanitarian Operation in Aleppo City

July 28, 2016 opened with the start of a full-scale humanitarian operation by Syria and Russia in Aleppo. A single checkpoint was established along the Castillo Road to process rebels surrendering to pro-government forces, while three corridors were established to ...

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Ukraine: blood poured at Kiev protest for a writer Oles Buzina murder suspects’ release

Oles Buzina murder suspects With Ukraine’s law enforcement and courts gradually locking up the Nazis, members of death squads, political assassins, fake “pro-Russian separatists,” Maidan organizers and other  Washington useful tools and useful idiots, some of their followers can’t quite ...

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“CrossTalk” Wave of terror

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ogun lakaye

OGUN: Orisa Of Iron.. must read

Home Oya – OgunOgun, as historical figure, a fearsome and bloodthirsty warrior who fought constantly against kingdoms. He always brought his expeditions rich booty and a considerable number of slaves.  Oniiré king of Iré but for reasons unknown to us, ...

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One Nigeria; The Lies And Hypocrisy Ingrained In Our DNA

  Nationhood finds its beauty when the people therein speak a common language, that is the language of progress. Above every individual pursuit, the idea of nationhood is of a significant concern on the priority scale of its members. The ...

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A o ni jin sofin aye pelu ase Olodumare. Ase o…

Ofun saa lefun Ofun saa losun Ofun saa ni moriwo Ope yeyeye A difa fun Alagemo terekange Tii se Omo Orisa igbowuji Nitori ajeku Baba Alagemo Nitori amunku Baba Alagemo Won ni ki Alagemo losi apookun Kio lo si ilameji ...

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ori ifa verse

Odu Ifa Irosun Ika/Oromosunka

| | | | | | | | | | | | | Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku ise ana, a sin ku isimi oni emin wa yio se pupo re laye ninu alaafia ara o ase. Odu ...

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Ras Kimono

Young Nigerian artistes sing foolishness, nothingness – Ras Kimono

The veteran musician is mad at young Nigerian artistes holding sway at the moment. In a chat with Vanguardngr, he said: “None of the new crop of artistes now are doing real reggae. They are afraid to sing reality. They’re ...

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See What This Pet Did To His Master

Loyal dog, named Heibao, refuses to let his master, Jiang Yutao, go, following his discharge from service in Yunnan, China.

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