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Otu nwaagbogho agbahara nna ya obuna mgbe afo Iri abuo na asaa O gbaghapuru ya gachara.

Otu nwaagbogho agbahara nna ya obuna mgbe afo Iri abuo na asaa O gbaghapuru ya gachara. Otu nwoke na nwa ya nwanyi biakotara onu ka mgbe afo Iri abuo na asaa onye obula gara uzo ya ma nwa ya. Ma ...

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Quote of the century

Quote of the Century: Esu is infinite love, and very patient

“If Esu were bad, and not infinitely patient he would have wrecked vengeance on all those religious charlatans who malign him on a daily basis. He is such a gentle, forgiving soul, and keeps quiet, knowing that the hour is ...

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Bolanle Ninolowo

Bolanle Ninolowo (Nino) lori Eto Gbajumo Osere

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Jabhat al-Nusra: History, Capabilities, Role In Syrian War

History Jabhat al-Nusra, originally Jabhat an-Nuṣrah li-ahli ash-Sham min Mujahideen ash-Shām fi Sahat al-Jihad or “Victory Front for the People of the Levant by the Mujahideen of the Levant on the Fields of Jihad”, was founded in January 2012, when ...

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manbij syria

Syrian War Report – January 26, 2018: Turkey Threatens To Attack Manbij

On January 25, ISIS units attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the villages of Kishmah and Ghuraybah in the province of Deir Ezzor. According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, ISIS killed several army soldiers and destroyed ...

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naija gist

Epic reply a Guy got from a Lady !

See the epic reply bellow.

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Syrian War Report – January 25, 2018: Syrian Army Prepares To Clear Abu al-Duhur Pocket

The Syrian military is deploying reinforcements to northern Hama and eastern Idlib reportedly preparing to launch a military operation to clear the militant-held pocket there. According to pro-government sources, additional units of Liwa al-Quds and the Qalamoun Shield Forces have ...

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uncle sam

Uncle Sam dumps the Kurds (yet again)

[This article was written for the Unz Review] The drama which is unfolding in northern Syria is truly an almost ideal case to fully assess how weak and totally dysfunctional the AngloZionist Empire has really become. Let’s begin with a quick ...

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Erdogan has made his choice

by Ghassan Kadi for The Saker Blog It seems that Erdogan has already made up his mind, but the speculations about what deals have been and haven’t been done seem muddied, to put it mildly. In the Levant, the Kurds always ...

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The War on Men (and women, and kids, and families and nature and even God imnsho!)

Paul Joseph Watson clearly knows as much about Communism as he knows about Islam: nothing.  But in his observations of what is going on in the US society, he is spot on.  Having lived in the USA for over 20 ...

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