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Owonrinsogbe – Lati Owo Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon.


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A kú òsè jàkúta.

Sango oooo Olukoso ayanran ina Ina loju, ina lenu Sangiri, lagiri Olagiripapa figba edun bo Eefin ina la n da laye Ina nbe lodo oko mi lorun Abaabe ooooooooo Abaabe laba Se fun SANGO Emi Se SANGO labaabe Agbenajo, Agbenayan ...

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Russia mod

MoD briefing about Russian Operations in Syria

Please press the ‘cc’ button to see the English subtitles  

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Russian soldiers

Interesting video of Russian Special Operations solider defending his position alone (Syria)

I just came across an interesting, if old (2016) video.  According to this (Russian language) article, it shows a Syrian Army position attacked by a ISIS suicide bomber.  Amongst the Syrians, there is one Russian Special Operations (other sources say that he ...

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American Empire’s Unipolar Moment is Unraveling: Some Nitty-Gritty Details

By David Franke Ooduarere.com A number of articles in the alternative media have put forth generalized arguments that the unipolar moment of the American Empire is unraveling, to be supplanted by a multipolar world. Here are two current articles, and ...

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Kim Jong-un Fires Several Ballistic Missiles

Neocon buffoonery reaches a new level

Step one: the DPRK destroys its nuclear testing facility Step two: Trumps cancels his meeting with Kim Jong-un Step three, just read this masterpiece:   Amazing, no?  The fact that the North Koreans requested the meeting is irrelevant, Trump’s red button is ...

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See Why The Rich Are Getting Richer and How You Can Join Them

Let’s argue this out once and for all! The indegent are getting poorer as the rich are getting richer because; there’s injustice in this country, the federal government isn’t looking at the welfare of poor people, the rich are amassing ...

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Check out Foods That Can Make You Age Faster ooduarere.com

Check out Foods That Can Make You Age Faster

It’s common knowledge that stress, the sun, and your genes can cause you to age before you’re due, but what about your diet? Jumia Food, Nigeria’s no 1 food ordering platform, shares the foods you should avoid if you want ...

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Àwòrán kí ó tó di ojó ìgbeyàwó tokotayà yí ti won pàdé nígbà tí won ń sin orílè èdè won lówó ní odún mérin séyìn.

Arábìnrin Nìjíríà kan tí a mò sí Rosemary nípa eni tí yó sèsè di oko rè Láìpé odún màrún-ùn séyìn, nígbà tí won ń sin orílè èdè won lówó ní Kaduna ti pín àwòrán kí ó tó di ojó ìgbeyàwó ...

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Fúlàní darandaran pa àwon èèyàn ní ojú ònà Makarda ní òpópónà Makarda.

Óní òun so gbangba gbàngbà ni Láì bèrù enikéni :báyìí ni Adamu Donald Dekwagh, wípé enikéni kò gbodò sùn nígbà tí igbákejì Ààre orílè èdè lo kí won ní Benue ní ànà yí tí àwon wòólì méjì àti darandaran pa. ...

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