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Vladimir Putin Press Conference – December 22 2022 – English Subtitles

Vladimir Putin Press Conference – December 22 2022 – English Subtitles

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BSF Love net Black Soldier Fly Eggs

What BSF Love net should look like for optimum egg collection.

In your BSF love net, you should have the following as shown in the video above for optimum 24/7 eggs Collection.1) Attractant2) Eggies placed on your attractant3) Pupa Bin4) Plastic roof for sunlight5) 400watts Solar lamp for overnight6) Closed Net7) ...

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Watch this Are you still sending money home at your detriment

Watch this: Are you still sending money home at your detriment?

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Pele, pictured here in 1970, is the only player to have won three World Cups. © Alessandro Sabattini / Getty Images

Brazilian football icon Pele passes on aged 82

The world of football is in mourning after it was confirmed that Brazilian legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele, has died aged 82. Pele was admitted to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo at the end ...

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Tesla car spotted on city street with generator tacked to the back of the car.

What is wrong with this Photo?

This tesla car was spotted in Kiev today. What is wrong with the photo?

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Forex Traders

Forex Traders: Why many fail – The Major reason forex trading is not as easy as you think

Trading currencies online should be simple, which makes it possible for traders to earn money. Unfortunately, experience suggests that this really is hardly the case. To succeed, a more methodical and systematic approach is required. You will need to execute ...

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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Putin signs the decree on counter measures for Russian oil price cap.

The Kremlin has repeatedly blasted the price cap introduced by Western countries as unacceptable for Russia, underlining that the country will never agree to such destruction of market pricing. Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved a decree on special measures ...

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Training of an Omo Awo-Ifa Apprentice in Nigeria at a glance

Training of an Omo Awo/Ifa Apprentice in Nigeria at a glance.

The 7 steps of training all would be Babalawo and Iyanifa must go through under the tutelage of an experienced and elder Awo are: Presentation to Opon Ifa and Itelopon. Learning how to perform Ebo Riru, Akunlebo, Ipese, Etutu, Ibori, ...

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My 48 Year Old Husband Wants To Start Over In The Uk

My 48 Year Old Husband Wants To Start Over In The UK

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Remigio Herrera Adeshin

Remigio Herrera Adeshina – The Legend who swallowed his sacred Ikin Ifa (See Why)

Ìbà! Babaláwo Remigio Herrera Adeshina.Ọmọ Yorùbá tí ó tan ìmólè ìṣẹ̀ṣe ní orílè-èdè Cuba. He was a renowned Babaláwo in Cuba. Born in Ijęsha Yoruba land, he was sold into slavery in the 1830s. As an Ifa priest, he trained ...

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