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IFA Initiation

Ifa initiation allows you to have deeper knowledge about your existence and it makes you move closer to your destiny, it helps to know your do and don’t in life, it enable you to have close relationship and good connection with your Orisha, I.e Ori.

It will assist you to operate the Orisha within you. Ifa Initiation is a process of birth and rebirth into the world of Ifa. An initiate will become a new person entirely, he/she will have to drop some bad habits and activate another good one.

Ifa initiation gives the personae the spiritual diagram of his/her life. It enable ones to know more about life the person live within.
However, Ifa initiation is not meant for only traditionalist, it is meant for whosoever, that is ready to know more about his/her Ori and the Orisha that lives within them, it is not restricted to a particular tribe, ethnic, Religion etc. The belief is that every individual are born for particular purposes that must be fulfilled. Although we all forget the reason for our existence.

It serves as a reminder for the promises we made.
Walking with your Orisa gives you access to greater ability to live your life in harmony and provides access to the Orisa that governs your life and the world around you. Often in life after experiencing various hardships without an identifiable cause, initiation may be called for in order to reveal to us the taboos or life contracts that we made with spirit prior to birth on this Earth. They may be taboo’s we may unknowingly broken which our destinies doesn’t abide with.

Reasons for initiation are very unique to the individual this is because we all have our own individual destinies. One of the most valuable elements to the Ifa Initiation is receiving your Life Path Reading. There are process to be taking during initiation, and this includes, Rituals, excessive consultations, appeasements of the Orisha’s and other necessary steps to be taken.

Conclusively, Ifa initiation (ìtefá)is about becoming a changed person both in character and wisdom. Ifá initiation Odu Ifá teaches us that an initiate should re-initiate him/herself by cultivating good habits.
Èlà Ìború, Èlà ìboyè, Èlà ìbosíse
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