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Ògúndá Méjì: Odù

Ògúndá Méjì.
It is a fact that there is anxiety all over the World as a result of coronavirus pandemic. This is a challenge to all faiths. What else can we do other than supplication and offering.

Looking at Odù, “Ògúndá Méjì, cast for today’s Òsè Ifá, Olódùmarè shall heal the World by sending out the rain. Just listen as follows:-

Igún ńse dìgbó
Àkàlà ńse dìgbó
Adífá fún Olákanrígbò tíí se Yèyé Ayé
Olákanrígbò mámà jáyé ó ra
Bó bá kù dèdè káyé ó ra, òjò a rò
Olákanrígbò mámà jáyé ó ra o
Ìpòrì Ayé kìí jé káye ó ra
Olákanrígbò làápe Olódùmarè
Ayé làápe Ilé Ayé

Ògúndá Méjì
Ògúndá Méjì

Igún ńse dìgbó ( name of sage)
Àkàlà ńse dìgbó ( name of sage)
Cast divination for Olákanrígbò, the mother of Mother Earth
Olákanrígbò, don’t let the Earth perish
If its likely for the Earth to perish, rain shall fall
Olákanrígbò, please don’t let the Earth perish
The guardian spirit of the Earth will not allow the Earth to perish
Olákanrígbò is the name of Olódùmarè
Mother Earth is the World.

May Olódùmarè heal the World.
Bàbá( Our Heavenly Father), send out the rain.

From Araba of Oworonsoki land Lagos Nigeria

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