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Orisa Ori

The inner oltar, a place, where our fate is created is a principle that decides on human lives.
Ori is the basis of our personality, it decides about our good and bad luck that is why our Ori (the place in our head) is the most important thing we have, something that we should worship in our life.


Ori is symbolically represented by our head. Our head is also a reference to our physical personality. In the physical world, Ori is responsible for all personalities that we show outwards; for our good character, bad character; for our impatience, self-confidence, responsibility, and lack of responsibility.

Our Ori is the main reference for our spiritual and social identity; therefore it is of great importance to take good care of it.
Do we believe in fate?
Fate (or predestination) consists of two levels. One is what is intended for use in our lives, the other is the realization of the first one. Our effort, our acting, everything we do in our lives, is what turns our destiny into something concrete, what implements it. If we wish for our fate to be active, the foreseen to occur, we have to be active.


Unfortunately, we often see people 40, 50 years of age, who lack real direction in their lives. We also know people, who had a lot of opportunities in their lives yet used not one. Some people would love to be happy in their lives, they would like to enjoy their life, but somehow they can’t manage that. Our Ori is worshiped and taken care of to have spiritual balance in our life; to know the right directions and the right paths in our life.

Ori is considered as a divinity. Ori is the individual god. Each of us has his/her own Ori whether strong or not. Ori can join us in two ways – we can choose our destiny ourselves, or something is meant for us to happen. Ori and human fate are in a close relationship with time. Fate is the reality. Our fate determines what we are supposed to or what we are going to experience in our life. There is no need to despair or be anxious in one’s life. It is very important to take care of ones’ Ori, to worship, and to talk to it.


In this manner, we will always be at right time in that specific moment in that right place, where our fate can most positively take its’ course. In this way, we have control over our life. Therefore we will not be too impulsive and we will be able to control our impatience. If we have more control over our manifestation, we will also gain more control over things, which occur in our life.

For a person who respects, takes care of and values his/her Ori, is lack of balance in his/her life is not an option, such a person is very harmonious. The process of taking care of ones’ Ori simultaneously means constant care of ones’ spiritual energy and greater harmony in life. These are a few facts about our Ori and they are true to every individual.

These facts depend on us. If we wish to actively participate in configuring our fate then we have to change certain things in our life, such as our way of thinking, our way of experiencing life.

Having a good fate in basic depends on us. Moreover, the reduction of our suffering in life mainly depends on us alone. Human beings are not resistant to suffering. We have common sense which helps us react to suffering that happens to us which we triggered in our life and are now trying to regulate it with help of common sense. We are all born capable to make changes to reduce our suffering, and precisely for this reason we have to be in touch with our inner mind so that everything functions perfectly.

We know many people, who somehow everything goes wrong. They don’t have a plan or some special intention. Things just happen to them. These peoples’ lives are on autopilot. Nothing is conditioned on their activity. They don’t think and they don’t feel their life. Such people are led only by the consequences in their lives. However other people who wish to dominate over the events and paths in their lives, are here to get to know their Ori and to work with it every single day. Ori is the one, who helps us become the conductor to our fate. Ori is the one, who provides us with the minimum wisdom and intelligence to salve things, to react to events in our lives in the right way.


Worshiping of Ori
My Ori is like my lover. It is divinity. I embrace it in the morning, stroke it, and ask for good things in my life aloud, with a loving determination. Continue repeating this, and you will find out how very responsible you can be in your life. This is the first and the simplest way of worshiping our Ori. Another one is more difficult; we ask ourselves how to be more tolerant, more patient, how to get inner peace, inner fulfillment in our lives. In the spiritual world, we are always trying to teach people how to concentrate on their lives. We always teach people how to implement more value into their lives.

The second way of worshipping Ori – the more difficult one – is to know ones’ direction in life, ones’ orientation, ones’ wishes, to control ones’ impulsiveness in life, because we are the most important goal, the most important target in our life. If we concentrate on ourselves in our life, we are going to have a more peaceful life and therefore our neighbors as well. This is the most interesting way of worshiping our Ori, it is a challenge for every individual how much is he/she prepared to change to his/her benefit. We have to take care of our good luck and our frustrations in life as well.

Another way of worshiping Ori is the way of worshiping Ori by ritual, called BORI . This way is more complex. It involves certain procedures and is performed by certain people who are qualified to do it. This is a ritual through which we feed our god and honor him to be nicer to us.

Moreover, we do this ritual for our Ori, our god, to be present and attentive in our life, so he can be at our service all the time. Ori is something of significant importance and something we all possess, therefore in the philosophy of Orisha Ori is the first divinity the first energy, which needs to be worshiped.

Our individual Ori is the one, who creates the conditions for all other divinities, regardless of religion we belong to, to exist in our life. I have my Ori and this Ori is my divinity. All other gods, from whichever religion, all depend on how my Ori receives their messages. Each individual is the basis for gods.


Sometimes we have a feeling as if we would somehow stop in our life, that we don’t know where to go next; we feel depressive or we are so stressed out, that we don’t know the way. If we know how to worship our Ori in such times, if we know the procedure, then we can rescue ourselves from such a situation with help from Ori.

A little criticism for the ladies: we go to the hairdressers’ for example and are then trying so hard to preserve the hairdo, that we don’t wash our hair for a whole week. To our Ori this means as if our body would not get any water for a week. We have to take care of our outer Ori (our scalp), so we can gain access to the one inside.


For all those of you, who are not familiar with the Yoruba philosophy of Orisha is most important for you to be aware, that if you wanted to have a Bori ritual, to refresh your Ori, this means no religious vow, it is just a spiritual experience. We worship our Ori to have a spiritual balance of our choice.

Ori is the spiritual blessing that helps us discover our goals in life.
A good Ori is the one who assists us, while choosing in life, to choose the right thing for us. A good Ori makes our life more interesting, it protects us from unsuccessful life.
We all have Ori and we don’t believe in poor, miserable, unlucky fate. However, we do believe in a lack of ability to improve one’s life and this is a matter of training. Literally, we have to train our perception, our thinking, our comprehension, our vision of life. We have to train ourselves to comprehend good things, to direct our actions in achieving good things in our life. We have to actively make ourselves happy. Ase Ire loona gbo gbo waa..

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