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Ade Sese Efun Is Now Free: The Highly Rated Spiritual Ancestry Sacred Crown Of Olufe-aladikun!

Do you know that Olufe-Aladikun was one of the direct Progeny of OLUFE-OBATALA that moved all the Sacred Oodua Deities from Ufe Oodaye to Ufe Ooyelagbo / Ufe Afepameh (known as Popo… extended to Igbale Aye area today)???

Olufe-Aladikun inherited a Sacred Ade Sese Efun that’s presumed to be more potent in spiritual power as part of the inheritable Sacred artifacts for the Oodua Race and Aladikun became Oloyo of Oyo. As part of Oodua cultural heritage, the Ancient Priesthood Caucus, usually called Traditional Practitioners today is responsible for the formation of Communities.

It’s when the community founded by Priesthood Caucus grows to a desirable level of authority that the supreme Royal Lineage Authority takes over the administration of the entire area up as part of the Royal Dynasty, by sending either heritage titles like Olu, Baale or Loja to have Royal Lineage Authority over the such settlement.

What’s different from the Oyo Priesthood Authority was that a Royal Prince of Oduduwa from Ugbo Atiba around Ufe Oodaye moved directly to establish Oodua Royal Authority above Olufe-Aladikun Authority with a Sacred Royal Title called Alaafin, and literarily recognized as “The Owner of the Royal Palace” for Oodua Race.

Hmmmmm, l’Ade, l’Ade, l’Ade… Alaafin o l’Ade; Ade Aladikun la’agba fun Alaafin!!!
However, the Sacred Crown of SESE EFUN can only be better on the head of anyone who values the Sacredness of our ancestors; paying libations daily and Venerating their spiritual existence for their Spiritual protection and guidance.

Today, the carrier of the Ancient Ade Sese Efun is no more around us and the Sacred Crown is inching for a capable Person to wear and repossess the Royal Authority back…… “WHO THE SACRED CROWN OF ADE SESE EFUN FIT TO CARRY TODAY”?

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