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Video: Netizen react over a full blown Goat offered as Sacrifice for the late Queen of England, the Anglican Church!

Video: Netizens react over a full-blown Goat offered as a Sacrifice for the late Queen of England, the Anglican Church!

The video below was share on social media and caption with “Goat rituals for the dead–the head of the Anglicans–the Church of England. Ìbòrí fún òkú ni ìlú Gẹ̀ẹ́sì. I hope you faithfools Yorùbá are watching this. A common practice among the awo in Yorùbá kingdoms”.

Rotimi S. shared his opinion, he wrote

If it’s African or Yoruba that did this, they will call it ritual or sacrifice

Badmus Saheed who disagreed with Rotimi’s statement said;

Ordinary military mascot Don turn wahala for our people.

Abiodun Rufai Badmus Saheed Olaide replied Badmust Saheed and wrote;

What do you expect them to say it is to defend their modernize traditional practice?

Abiodun Rufai tried to defend the motion, fairly in support of the copied tradition of the Oodua peope, he wrote

Mascot or parade disguise, the goats perform roles in British army which some of them are classified and only the colonels know the little, believe it or leave it the goat is meant for sacrifice just our balogun offer dog to Ogun and their warriors wear red and black as traditional worriors, how many of you see them on war with those outfit not because of their traditional practice ????

Ajewuyi Babatunde Ayoola, a more lenient netizen was against what Abiodun Rufai wrote above, he shared his opinion below.

Not everybody would believe you when you are saying the glaring truth. Since many of us have been watching ceremonial outfit matches or parades of the British we have never seen them matching with ram or goat. Sensible people would question how come with ram or goat since we never witnessed this. The truth is what we are seeing now. It is part of their culture or traditional heritage whether we read meaning to it or not. Sensible people would never contend this. If you like to embrace your culture if you like do away with your culture because you don’t want to go to hell fire. Culture is almost the same everywhere in the world. You don’t have to argue, crucify or abuse people for telling others the truth they saw. After all no one can fight for God. God knows those that worship him truly.

JonathanOlusegun trying to mock the video wrote

They said it’s service goat and not for rituals.

Akingbile Toyin replied JonathanOlusegun, she wrote;

Ko buru, everything they say, in the beginning they say, when they turn Esu to satan they say, everything they say they say, ohun abi won bi ki wu won ohun they say ni ya won lara, we must back to our roots

JonathanOlusegun replied Toyin;

I’m aware that they kill animals and humans for sacrifice. There is even this thing called Adrenochrome they claim that the queen does, that it seems it failed this time around, reason for her demise. Emi o mo oooo. Won nipe, won nipe ni oooo.

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