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orisa AJe

Full Consecration Of Orisha Aje

🕊🤍 I pray today that Orisha Aje would bless you all with abundance wealth and peace ✌🏽

You would not stride hard before you acquire your blessings and you would not lack 🙏🏽

Orisha Aje would bless you with enough money to fulfill your purpose here on earth 🌍

Orisha Aje would not let you suffer before you can provide food 🍱 and shelter for your families 🛐

Little work would yield into Big blessings and wealth for you Ase Ooo 🌴

This week and the rest of your life would bring you positivity and Joy 😍

Eepaaaa Oooo Orisha Aje Oooo 🙏🏽🤍


orisa AJe
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