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Òrìṣà is Òrìṣà.

Olódùmarè is Olódùmarè and Òrìṣà is Òrìṣà.

Olódùmarè is not God.
Olódùmarè is Olódùmarè.
There are no temples to Olódùmarè.
Òrìṣà is Òrìṣà.
Òrìṣà does not translate to a god or goddess.
The emissaries of Olódùmarè here on earth to do the will and work of Olódùmarè are called the ÒRÌṢÀ.
Olódùmarè is neither male nor female.
Olódùmarè is gender-neutral.
Olódùmarè has neither liturgy nor any iconography.
I have not seen where Olódùmarè is begging or threatening for love or acceptance.
Our own Olódùmarè is not jealous. Olódùmarè doesn’t need to kill thousands of people to just prove its existence.
Olódùmarè doesn’t get angry. It has nothing like heaven or hell.
Ire O!
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Òrìṣà is Òrìṣà.

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