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Reno Omokri shakes the tableand bursts a bubble again as he schools an Obidient on Nigerian-history

Reno Omokri shakes the table and bursts a bubble again as he schools an Obidient on Nigerian history

Earlier today, a post was shared on Ooduarere where Reno Omkori replied to an Obedient on twitter/X. He has done it again. This time around he schooled an obedient that was trying to play the victim on Aburi Accord.
The Twitter user by the ID @Benjami03827700 shared the screenshot below.

See what he wrote below.

Reno Omokri shakes the tableand bursts a bubble again as he schools an Obidient on Nigerian-history


Dear Obi,

Thank you for your feedback. On Aburi, you may want to consider the following facts. When Major General Aguiyi-Ironsi abrogated regionalism and promulgated Decree Number 34 on May 24, 1966, which effectively ended regionalism, took control of all resources, including oil (all resources, including oil used to belong to the regions before Ironsi’s decree), which had hitherto belonged to the regions, and domiciled them in his military government. 

Other members of the Supreme Military Council alleged that Ironsi did not consult them before promulgating the decree. It is not known if their allegation is true. However, Ironsi’s Attorney General, Chief Gabriel Chike Michael Onyiuke, later said Ironsi did not need to consult them. Also, perhaps naively, ALL of Ironsi’s advisers were Igbo, like him. 

They included Chief Francis Nwokedi, Dr. Pius Okigbo, and Colonel Patrick Anwunah. Calls for him to appoint at least one token non-Igbo fell on deaf ears. That decree ignited the counter-coup of July 29, 1966, in which Ironsi was killed and replaced with Lt. Colonel Yakubu Gowon, who did not participate in the coup but was a compromise candidate since he was a Northerner, to appease the North and a Christian, to placate the South. All Military Governors accepted him except Ojukwu. 

Eventually, the then Ghanaian military leader, General Ankrah, invited Gowon and Ojukwu for a peace meeting in Aburi, Ghana, between January 4-5, 1967. Agreements were reached, including that Gowon would broadcast first, AFTER CONSULTATIONS, followed by Ojukwu. However, upon return, Ojukwu made his broadcast first, which shocked other regions and jeopardised Gowon, who was almost removed by those who made him Head of State. 

Please note that Gowon had no control of the troops. He was, at that time, just a titular Head of State. The real power was domiciled with Colonel Murtala Muhammed until Murtala was militarily humiliated by the Biafrans at Abagana on March 31, 1968, after which Gowon relieved him of his command, and Colonel Obasanjo later became the darling of Gowon due to his military effectiveness against Biafra. 

You must understand that at that time, Ojukwu had full dictatorial powers in Biafra, but Gowon was hanging on a rope in Lagos. As a result of Ojukwu’s broadcast, Gowon issued Decree Number 8, and later, on May 27, 1967, broke Nigeria into 12 states. That decree would NEVER have been passed were it not for Ojukwu’s broadcast. Ojukwu rejected both actions and declared the Republic of Biafra on May 30, 1967, which ignited a police action by Gowon’s government on July 6, 1967. 

Things degenerated into war, which did not end until Biafra’s defeat on January 15, 1970, after Ojukwu fled on January 11, 1970. The war may have been prevented if Ojukwu broke away with only the East Central state, which was homogeneously Igbo. However, he insisted on the whole of Eastern Nigeria, which included non-Igbos in Calabar and Rivers, whose leaders, like Isaac Boro and Ken Asari-Wiwa, rejected Biafra. Even within Biafra, prominent Igbos, like Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, did not support Ojukwu’s actions. 

They felt that a diplomatic solution could be reached. But after Colonel Ojukwu began executing his friends, like Major Emmanuel Ifeajuna, Colonel Victor Banjo, Philip Alale, and Sam Agbam, amongst others, for treason, they all kept quiet and began plotting to escape Biafra. 

This is why Nnamdi Azikiwe escaped from Biafra and turned up in Lagos in 1969, sitting beside General Gowon, declaring support for the Federal Military Government and condemning Colonel Ojukwu, whom he blamed for the deaths of millions of Biafrans. If Colonel Ojukwu had only waited for Gowon to broadcast after Aburi, there would likely have been no war. Thanks again, and may God bless you.


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