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The Yoruba culture did not come from Kemet !

The Yoruba culture did not come from Kemet. The Kemetic culture came from the Yoruba via the intermediate African cultures like the Nok, Sao, and Kushites, all of whom are thousands of years older than Kemet.

The Yoruba-Fon invented the concept of the snake as the symbol of instinctual power that must be controlled and directed. In IFA serpant power science is the origin of academic biology’s reptilian brain (R-Complex) within the Triune brain. It is the most ancient and basic part of man’s brain that he shares with reptiles. It houses instinctual impulses. If not “domesticated’ thru spiritual science, the reptilian brain will control the whole brain.

This concept was understood as Damballah in Vodun and Osumaré in Yoruba. Only millenia later did this spiritual science reach the Nile Valley, where it was expressed in the uraeas on the crown of the pharaohs. Of course, via the Nile Valley, this concept reached India where the Blacks there came to refer to it as Kundalini.

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