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Monday (Ojo Aje)

It is Monday (Oko Aje). Another sunny day. Ice on my cake. My Melanin still dark. Watching the world through a needle eye. But all eyes on me. Like a full moon in the sky. I can sky dive, with no fear, because my landing pad is the succulent breast of Mother Earth (Ile Aiye) full and gushing with the milk of life. 

I don’t walk on egg shells, because shells are for a chicks. I am a grown bird, like the Eiye Adaba (Dove) that nest on trees without branches. And flys without wings, yet! Sounds like my mothers in the twilights (Iyami). When I aspirate, I breed solutions, sweat out fears and dogmas. What makes you think I have fear for hell and its fire, when I have Oba Koso as a witness?

Orisa Oko Aje (wealth) walk with me, through this day. Ase! 

Copied and pasted from from the lost verses of Odua Balogun Kakanfo (OBK)


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