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E ba wa dasi oro yii

Nje ohun to dara wa ninu ki awon okunrin maa na awon iyawo ile won? Kini obirin le se to le mu okunrin siwo soke na won?

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Top 15 Tips To Become A Great Entrepreneur- winetapper

1. Acknowledge your creator: Let your creator be your guide and decision maker,Read great books to strengthen your faith and believe in Olodumare to help you in times of need. 2.Sincerity: Your Yes should be Yes and your No should be No. ...

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#EsuIsNotSatan: See why we do not serve the same GOD

I had a conversation with a lady sometimes ago about God. After some while of argument, she said “my brother, we all believe in the same God” and i refused. She asked me why? I said: In your own belief, ...

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Qoute of the Day

Qoute of the Day: Be Wise…

“Any religion that will make you to ignore your culture, tradition and your language is planning to enslave your body, control your mind and disorganized your brain. Be wise” ~T.W.I    

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Àróbá baba ítán: Oral tradition is the key of history

Aboru Aboye ooo “Bó omodé kò bá mo ìtàn Ó ní láti bá àróbá Àróbá baba ítán If a child does not know history He/she must have the knowledge of oral tradition Oral tradition is the key of history….. These ...

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esu is not satan

Photo Of The Day: ‪#‎EsuIsNotSatan‬

Awo Ifagbenusola Presenting a shirt customized by Awo Ifakunle Bankola for his spiritual father Prof. Wande Abimbola the Awise Agbaye. Though Awise Agbaye is not around, so the cloth was joyfully received by his dear son Taiwo Abimbola the Araba ...

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Sikiru Ayinde Barrister

Sikiru Ayinde Balogun Aka Barrister: We’ll remember him

On this day five years ago he died after an operation gone wrong. Sikiru Ayinde Balogun Aka Barrister, Alh. Agba, Barry-wonder et al was responsible for the metamorphosis of ‘Were’ into ‘Fuji’ a native Yoruba genre we all are proud ...

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yemi alade

Araga ni foto Yemi Alade yii

#Orisanla omoge onidodo

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Alaboyun bimo soju titi lonii niluu China

Arabirin oloyun yii lomo bere si ni mu lonii nigboro ilu China. Awon eniyan ti won lo ni won sare se iranlowo fun un. Won pe obirin noosi kan ti n be nitosi won, arabirin noosi naa si bo soju ...

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Igbakeji Orisa

E wa wo ohun ti Ooni tun se nile ijosin

Ooni tuntun ti lo fori bale niwaju pastor fun esin awon alawo funfun, eyi to tunmosi jesu oga ogo nile ijosin. Awon kan ri gege bi ohun to ye fun eni to mo esin awon alawo funfun, sugbon awon kan ri gege ...

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