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scam fraud chief priest babalawo

How To Spot Con Artist claiming to be Ifa Chief Priest Online – Know Before You Jump

Before you purchase spiritual work from someone not referred to you by someone you know, from the internet, or from a stranger that approaches you…. Know before you jump! Has this ever happened to you???  Have you ever been on ...

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Owonrinsogbe – Lati Owo Araba Ifayemi Elebuibon.


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Esu in Yoruba IFA

ESU – the Holy Saviour and the Messiah Of the Universe. (see more functions of esu)

I am one among the delegated Irunmoles of Olodumare Therefore, I am a messenger of Olodumare I stand as intermediary between Ajoguns to the Orisa and Omo Eniyan I stand as prosecutor to defaulters of the Instructions of Olodumare You ...

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Unspecified- is there fasting in IFA like Muslim does ?

Me-No Unspecified-please make it clear Me -OK.. Goes thus √ The dishonest travelled for 20 years and failed to return The dishonest travelling for 6 months and failed to return Even the remnants of Inner truth is greater than a ...

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Hablemos de lo bueno – OBATALA

***** Brillo de la mañana ***** Hablemos de lo bueno – OBATALA = Dueño de todos los jefes … OBATALA = ORISHANLA = OBATORISA: Padre de todos los Orishas y la Humanidad – El Orisha de la Sabiduría, el Conocimiento ...

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Iwure Ori

Orí mi, gbe mi o! (My Orí, support me) Ori lo da mi (Ori is my Creator) Eniyan ko o (It is not man) Olodumare ni (It is Olodumare) Ori lo da mi (Ori is my Creator) Ori Onise (Ori, ...

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256 odu ifa Signatures © Ifa University Photo/Moyo Okediji

Odu Ifa – Òfún Òdí

“Most of the time, our problems comes from within sometimes due to lack of cooperation or probably the absence of true love, this is what gives outside force ways to penetrate. Like the Yorùbá people use to say that: B’íkú ...

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