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Bloodbath accross Markets: Cryptos Rock 6 Month Low as Bears Pummel the Markets

Markets are crashing, altcoins getting hit hardest are EOS, Iota, Ethereum Classic, and Ontology. The selling pressure has gained momentum in the last 24 hours and markets have slid for their lowest levels this year. Total market capitalization has dropped to just over $250 billion which marks the 3rd big dip of 2018. Bitcoin has been hammered losing 7.8% on the afternoon falling back again to $6,150 marking its lowest level in 2010 and a cost range not seen since October 2017.

Ethereum has fared a whole lot worse dropping 8.7% to just over $470. This puts Ether back at a November 2017 price range though it did drop further on April 1, falling below $400 for initially in five months. Naturally the altcoins have all been battered with many falling by double figures. Ripple’s XRP has dropped below $0.50 equaling the final reduced in April and matching prices back mid-December. Bitcoin Cash has lost over 10% on the afternoon falling back again to $765, its lowest level since April 6 when it came dangerously near $600.

EOS has been mullered today plunging over 16% in 24 hours to $8.50. The much hyped mainnet launch has been riddled with problems and controversy round the token’s centralization. EOS is down 60% from its all-time most of $21.50 on April 29. No news has emerged from the Litecoin camp causing a huge slide for LTC shedding over 10% to $85 today. Here is the lowest Litecoin has been since its big pump in mid-November and the once hot property in crypto land has fallen from grace.

Lumens is down 9% to $0.20 which marks its lowest level since the finish of March however considering the problem XLM remains looking great for those who got in around October and November last year. Likewise with Cardano that is currently down 8% to $0.14. Here is the lowest point for ADA since mid-March when it fell to $0.13.

Tron has lost 7.8% despite an effective mainnet launch. TRX has become trading at $0.044 that is not as little as its dip in March which took the token right down to $0.026. Rounding out the most truly effective ten is Iota which has fallen 11% to a dollar. This IoT based altoin hasn’t been this low since November 2017. Neo has additionally hit a six month low, falling 8.4% on the afternoon to $33.75, a cost range not seen since November last year.

Other altcoins taking double digit hits at this time include Ethereum Classic down 14.2%, Nem shedding 11.2%, Qtum losing 11%, Ontology getting bashed 14.8%, Zcash down 10.3%, Lisk losing an identical amount and Zilliqa getting smashed 14.3% on the day. The sole two cryptocurrencies in the green in the most truly effective 100 at this time are Game.com (GTC) up 19.4% and Docademic (MTC) up 5.2%.

Total crypto market capitalization has plummeted 8.9% on the afternoon to $257 billion, the 3rd big dip of 2018. Trade volume however has risen from $11 billion to $17 billion indicating that this might be the bottom. For those who donate to purchasing the dip, now’s the full time to complete it.

Source: buybtcoinnigeria.blogspot.com

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