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How Many people in Nigeria Are Wasting Money On 4K Ultra HD TVs.

4K UHD TVs are the very best display TVs on the market but it’s not for the Nigerian market! What am I even saying ? It’s not really for the African market ! But we see this TVs in the showrooms and eventually in the homes of individuals, even some government office connect their CCTV cameras to 4K TVs and so the security men can easily see what’s really happening round the building. Funny, they only buy it without understanding the idea behind it. This post is for enlightenment purpose because folks are fund of purchasing electronic gadgets without doing little research or at the very least seek the advice of an expert.

They rather count on the advice of salesmen/saleswomen who’re just there for starters reason, make profit ! It is an excellent thing to embrace new and better technology, but there is a difference between embracing new technology and just wasting money. In this post I’m going to describe precisely why Nigerians are wasting money on among such technologies.

To start with, what’s 4K ?

It’s not just a fancy name, 4K is truly a resolution (2160 X 3840). The greatest video display resolution today! To take pleasure from the ability of true 4K UHD technology, you’ll want a top video resolution of 2160 X 3840 pixels to fit with the 4K UHD TV, that’s when you are able say you’re watching 4K TV. This display is better compared to a HD and full HD displays and produces super-rich quality, life-like displays.  Sorry to state this but many people in Nigeria don’t know how resolutions work. Plenty of those who buy 4k UHD TVs haven’t watched 4k videos before.

THE MAJOR PROBLEM IS, you will find few 4K contents available. A 5 minute 4k video is all about 2GB in proportions just how much more a complete movie of almost 2 hours. Plenty of TV shows, movies and TV networks aren’t even obtainable in 4K resolution ! Not MTV, CNN, BEIN SPORTS, SUPER SPORTS, FOX NEWS, AFRICAN MAGIC, SOUNDCITY, NAT GEO WILD etc displays 4K UHD videos. They simply display in HD. So what’s the purpose of splashing huge sum of money on 4K UHD TV simply to go home and watch the standard videos or cable TV channels.

You’re not distinctive from the guy who bought a much cheaper FULL HD TV because its same video resolutions and you are able to hardly spot the difference. Agreed it will upscale the quality somewhat but it’s still not 4K. TV stations around the globe aren’t willing to embrace the 4K UHD technology yet! If you willing to stream 4K videos directly from NETFLIX or AMAZON PRIME at unbelievable data rates, you will  hardly benefit from the 4K experience. Even though you have the money to burn, which websites provider in Nigeria can offer you enough bandwidth to stream 4k movies non-stop on Netflix at 2160 X 3840 pixels everyday ? This can be a secret no TV sales man will ever tell you. Buying such TV in Nigeria is much like investing in a Ferrari and driving it in a block packed with potholes. You are able to hardly appreciate it !

Do you think Nigeria is going to be ready for the 4K TV technology within the next 5-10 years ? Let us know in the comment section


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