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keke Maruwa

Please I Need Some Guidelines: I’m Planning To Go Into Keke Napep Business

I need to purchase keke napep and give it to a person to ride it and deliver cash to me before the end of each day, however I’m somewhat new in this line of business. Y’all advises and recommendations will ...

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Annuity settlement

Annuity Settlement (Insurance Policy) Options to look into !

Life is an extremely troublesome journey, that is frequently brimming with offensive astonishments. A significant part of the income regularly goes un-invested. Some insurance agencies and investment organizations have think of some extraordinary venture instruments, known as annuities. Now and ...

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hair loss

4 Amazing Tips to Prevent Hair loss

The human hair adds to the beauty and panache of everyone no matter the gender. Interestingly, it can be styled in different fashionable ways to suit the taste of the individual. However, there are some few people who are battling with ...

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5 Methods for Sending Anonymous Mails

Ensuring that your mail is secure is a major concern for users who while surfing the internet, leave their emails. As a result, they may notice an increase the number of mails they receive daily.  Nevertheless, if you do not ...

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Top 8 Luggage Guidelines for Flying Travelers

It can be quiet confusing especially if it’s your first time traveling by air. You are not sure what exactly to pack and it can be a little embarrassing and annoying when you discover you can’t fly with half of ...

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Does Nigerian have the Real Entrepreneurs ?

Are those Nigerian businessmen that are listed yearly on the front page of the Forbes magazine as the American dollar-rated billionaires as well as the richest men and women on the continent of Africa real entrepreneurs in the sense of ...

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Born To Make Money: Aliko Dangote bags ₦ 15.6bn In 24 Hours

Reports say that from Thursday, August 20 to Friday, August 21, Nigerian extremely rich person, Aliko Dangote, made a profit of $79.2m (N15.6bn). He was one of six extremely rich people who saw their fortunes increment in 24 hours to ...

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Top 9 Habits Rich People Have That Cost Nothing

Have you ever thought about how some people have gotten so successful? Of course you have. An awesome thought, inspiration, steadiness, and a little luck helps, however most successful people share certain propensities. Here are nine habits that have helped ...

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Vintage Shopping in Lagos

  Trendy stores, classy boutiques, and spicy malls are all around Lagos, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria and this is not surprising. From Lekki to Ikeja and Victoria Island, there are one-stop-shopping malls available. As the numbers grow, luxury shoppers are ...

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Contrabands to watch out for on a trip to Nigeria

Barring any unforeseen hitches, your entry into Nigeria should be smooth. After all, Nigeria is either your home country or host nation. However, things can take a strange turn when your personal property is tagged contraband and confiscated by immigration ...

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