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#BTCUpDate Chart: Follow the Yellow Arrow

Follow the yellow arrow. Congrats for everyone that hold strong their btc until today and further.

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Iranians: The people the West are allowed to assassinate

by Ramin Mazaheri and crossposted with PressTV The recent assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh – and the total silence regarding any sanctions on those who illegally played judge, jury, invader and executioner – reminds us how very unique ...

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The Karabakh war is over. The crisis is not. What comes next?

First, I want to begin this analysis by posting the full translation of an article posted yesterday by the Russian webzine Vzgliad.  I materially don’t have the time to make my own translation, so what I will post is just ...

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edo sars

#EndSARS: Edo Youths Takeover Police Station, Patrol With Police Hilux

Edo youth takeover police station, patrol with police Helux residents complain of high cost of food and living.

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tvc down

TVC Studios In Lagos Set ablaze

Tinubu’s TVC set ablaze in Lagos. Station has now gone off air, hours after Nigerians accused the Lagos politician of playing a role in #LekkiMassacre.

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end sars

To Swat Or Not To Swat

The Odu Ọ̀YẸ̀KÚ Ọ̀KÀNRÀN appears for #ENDSWAT.Listen:It was the lopsided Òro pearWho cast Ifa divination for Amomo,Who at dawn proceeded to the farm;They warned himTo be spiritually mindfulAnd offer sacrificesTo prevent unforeseen circumstancesThat could lead to his sudden deathINTERPRETATIONA vessel ...

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Edo election: Obaseki in early lead

Sodiq Oyeleke Governor Godwin Obaseki of the Peoples Democratic Party has recorded more votes from the results of the 13 Local Governments declared so far by the Independent National Electoral Commission. Although 17 political parties have fielded candidates for the ...

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Israel Responds With Force To Iranian Plans To Deploy Air Defense Systems In Syria

South Front Late on July 20, the Israeli Air Force carried out a new wave of airstrikes on the southern countryside of the Syrian capital of Damascus. According to Syria’s state-run news agency SANA, Israeli warplanes launched missiles from the ...

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nigerian police

Wọ́n gbẹ̀mí olórí ẹgbẹ́ jàǹdùkú ”One Million Boys” n’Ìbàdàn

Wọ́n gbẹ̀mí olórí ẹgbẹ́ jàǹdùkú ”One Million Boys” n’Ìbàdàn Ọmọ ò fìgbàkan láyọ̀lé, ẹni ọmọ dúró sin onítọ̀ùn ló bímọ. Gbogbo ẹni tó bá bí jàǹdùkú, olè, gbàjùẹ, kọ̀lọ̀rànsí l’ọ́mọ, kónítọ̀ùn ó má tíì yọ̀ láyọ̀jù nítorí pé *ÀBÍKÚ ÀGBÀ* ...

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abiola ajimobi

Fìdáù Ajímọ̀bi, ẹbí nìkan ní wọ́n ń retí–Ẹbí Ajímọ̀bi

Fìdáù Ajímọ̀bi, ẹbí nìkan ní wọ́n ń retí–Ẹbí Ajímọ̀bi Ṣé wọ́n ní kìí jẹ́ ti baba t’ọmọ, kó mọ́ ní ààlà. Èyí ló díá fún bí àwọn ẹbí olóògbé Abíọ́lá Ajímọ̀bi tí sàlàyé pé ,kí àwọn olùkẹ́dùn, ó má wulẹ̀ ...

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