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Joke: Akpos the librarian

Musa goes into a library to ask for a book on suicide. He met with Akpos the Librarian.

MUSA: Please do you have a book on suicide?
AKPOS: Wetin you wan read that kind book for?
MUSA: I wan commit suicide!

Akpos stares at him for a while and says, “Abeg comot for here! Who go come return the book!?”

Akpos: Joke 2: The Interview

Akpors is seeking for a job…
Interviewer: Tell me the opposite of Good.
Akpos: Bad.
Interviewer: Come.
Akpos: Go.
Interviewer: Ugly.
Akpos: Fine.
Interviewer: You are wrong!
Akpos: you are right!
Interviewer: Shut up!
Akpos: Keep talking!
Interviewer: Ok,now stop all that.
Akpos: Ok,now carry on all that.
Interviewer: Get out!
Akpos: Come in!
Interviewer: Oh,Eledua oh!
Akpos: Oh,my Devil!
Interviewer: You are Rejected!
Akpos: I’m selected!

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