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Jokes: Akpos goes to pharmacy To Buy Cond*om

Akpos gets into a pharmacy & says 2 d
pharmacist, “Hello, could u give me condom?
I’m going 2 my girlfriend’s place 4 dinner & I think I mayb in with a chance!”
D pharmacist gives him d condom & as he was going out he returns & says,”Give me another condom because my girlfriend’s sister is very cute too, she always crosses her legs in a provocative manner when she sees me & I think I might strike a luck there too.

“D pharmacist gives him a second condom& as he was leaving, again he turns back & says “Give me one more condom because my girlfriend’s mom is still pretty cute & when she sees me she always makes eye contact& since she invited me 4 dinner I think she is
expecting me 2 make a move.

During dinner, Akpos sat with his girlfriend on d left,d sister on his right& d mum facing him. When d girlfriend’s Dad walks in, Akpos lowers his head & starts d dinner prayer.”Dear Lord, bless this dinner & thank u 4 all u’v given

us” 10minutes after, Akpos was still praying “Thank u Lord 4 ur kindness.” Another Ten minutes gone by & he is still praying, keeping his head down, veryclose 2 d table.
They all looked at each other surprised, & his girlfriend was even more surprised than others. She gets close to him & whispered, “I didn’t know u’r so religious. “Akpos replies, “I
never knew ur dad was a pharmacist!”.

See !!! If you’re akpos…wat will u do?

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