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Jokes: Ekaite and Akpos Conversation

Ekaite:Akpos,u wont belive it?

Ekaite:My phone fell down from my hand,i picked it up,switched it ON,and i recieved a mssg
Akpos:what mssg?
Ekaite:My account was credited…
Akpos:Wooow!let me try mine..

Akpos took to his heels,,after 40seconds,
Ekaite recieved a call from her friend( Ofego) that shes
is the one who transferred to her…
Aaaaaah!ekaite exclaimed..

Ekaite tried to call akpos but he wont pick the call..

Akpos went to an uncompleted three storey building…
He threw his phone down ,,
he quickly rushed down to pick it..
First,the screen had cracked,,
he wasnt worried about it..
He switched on the phone,
he was so surprised when he saw

One word for Akpos..

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