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Lost Opportunity

Chai 2015 don come just now? I think say e still far ooo, If i had known i wouldnt have sacked Sanusi, now is an Emir that can help to decide my fate. I should have returned the $20B, if i can reverse d hand of d clock, i wouldnt have said 16 was greater than 19. What have i gain from Jang now? Look at the good Job Ameachi is doing for Buhari. I wish we were still in 2011, why did i give such trouble to Ameachi using Mbu against him for 2yrs without achieving anything? Am not sure of Wike winning Rivers for me. i shouldnt have said i dont give a damn, i should have declared my assets whether correct or not.

Oh my God why did i say stealing is not corruption? Going to Kano to dance after the Abuja motor park massacre is my biggest regret. Imagine how my wife and few miscrants around me fooled me to believed no girls were abducted and i remained unconcerned for 21 days. Imagine the MEND i tried to defend on the bombing of Eagle square on october 1st 2010 have now endorsed Buhari yet Asare and Thompolo are still telling me no shaken. If i had known i would have stayed with Henry Okah, ii think he is more intelligent among all these senior militants. Ibori case has brought me more enemies in Delta. Hmmm.

Daziani didnt help me at all, she loot money from NNPC as if her father own it. N10B to charted plane is stupid but what would i have done to such a pretty goddes? Allow. National assembly humiliate her like they did to my Stella? Only God knows how Ali Modu Sheriff became my friends. Bode George despite all i did to rebrand him is not doing enough for me in Lagos he nearly turned Obanikoro against me. Nobody want me, imagine Jos of all places i have been rejected. Who knows if my people will welcome me back in Otueke? God has rejected me this time no more goodluck for me.Am finished

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