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Please help me with my Girlfriend.

I’ve been with my gf for around 4mths now & separated from d typical bf/gf squabbles, its been all great. I sporadically pick her from work however she drives also.

I’ve been into her office on 2 events however. She closes at 5pm yet frequently returns at around 7pm & says she’s working late. Along these lines, when she called me after 5pm & said she was still in d office, I chose to drive to her office at around 8pm on my path from work so we could stop by a sit out b4 returning home. Her auto wasn’t at d office & she wasn’t picking my calls. She’d exited d office & I headed to her home yet she arrived a hr later saying she’d work errands to run.

All d while, she didn’t answer my calls saying she overlooked her telephone in d auto. When I let her know I was by her office earlier, she got so incensed. She called me a stalker. So I wanna ask individual readers, is it conceivable to be a stalker in ur gfs life? Furthermore when I let her know to change her ‘not picking calls’ propensity, she let me know point clear that she’d not change & what was I gonna do. She’s on d headstrong side yet such disobedience? So people please, what do I do?

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