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Man Advises Nollywood On Way forward to Freedom From Slavery Mentality.

A Facebook user took to his page to fairly criticize Nollywood and also advice the industry on what is the best practice.

He wrote:
“Africans and fuckery. Have you seen Indian or Chinese film industries trying too hard to belong in the White world? Nbollywood went global without them. Why do you feel you need recognition from them?

Slavery mentality.

Build what you have got. Improve the quality of the stories and the production and stop treating the actual consumers of your work in Africa, Caribbean and other places like fools by making wishy-washy films across board.

“If you did that, and grow your viewer base across the world, Hollywood will come begging.

Netflix didn’t come to you because they liked your face. They were merely trying to take the money of Africans living abroad by offering them what they watch via Youtube. “

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