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Video: The Moment A Fan Dragged Wizkid To The Floor While Performing

Afrobeat singer Wizkid has experienced the iconic fall after a fan of his pulled him down while performing when his security tried to take him off the stage.

This fan of Wizkid went on stage to hug him tightly and his security men tried pushing him away. Wizkid was seen trying to be calm by asking his security men not to push the fan off stage

The fan that was sent off stage by the security of Wizkid came back on the stage lying on the floor and held Wizkid’s legs. When starboy was about to move during his performance, he fell on the floor.

Wizkid falling down because someone tried pulling him is the reason most of the artists refuse to give fans the chance to come closer to them in public or during a performance and make most think they are just doing that because of pride.

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