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Should I Accept This Job Or Move On?

Sorry for the long read,

I finished service Dec 2017 and got a job in the state I served, was excited and told dad, dad told me he doesn’t like that one that he wants me to work in a firm

Although I knew the Gen. manager Coz I worked with him in 2015 for a few months. Meanwhile dad got a job for my younger sister in that same firm. I told dad that I won’t want to wait beyond February since he was certain I’ll get the job, he assured me. January passed, met the CEO and he said he’ll get back to me in a month’s time, prior to meeting the CEO, I had already called the manager and told him that I’m almost done with service, he said I should come meet him in January, old dad, my dad said I shouldn’t meet him that I should meet the CEO, so I obeyed. So when I met the CEO, he called the manager in my presence, I had this awkward feeling but I kept my cool, the manager told him I’ve worked with him before. So they said they’ll get back to me. a month passed and I kept going to and fro to hear their feedback but nothing was forthcoming,

Met the GM, he told me March but no specific date and told me the salary I was to be paid, I was OK with it, towards the end of February I sent an email to the CEO that I haven’t heard from him and got no reply, had to visit the firm. Met the GM and he said I should meet the CEO, while waiting to see the CEO, he told the security man to tell me to see the GM, he was told I’ve seen him and he told the security to tell me to go home, I got sad and told dad that I’m fed up that I need to go to where I’m needed not where they think they’re doing me a favor, dad sent and called both GM and CEO an SMS and calls resp but got no reply.

Meanwhile I travelled to go and secure a job in the state I served, my sister now called me that the GM told her to tell me to come see her, I felt awkward Coz I chat with him on WhatsApp and visit him often so why wasn’t I called directly? I came back, went straight to see the GM and he told me the CEO has changed his mind about my salary that about 33% was slashed from it, that I should start with it.

Meanwhile the other job I got was a better offer with good incentives, dad wants me to work in that firm but I told him I’m not accepting the job but he’s insisting, pls I need your advice Coz I need a place where I can work with peace of mind.

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