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Open letter To Celebrities and their PR (Public Relations)

Public Relations Stunt Gone Wrong 
Lately, a lot has been happening In the Nigeria music industry and no one is addressing them properly, we keep saying P.R stunt.
These things go beyond PR stunts and as a matter of fact they are not  PR , maybe we would start to realize what the whole drama is all about sooner or later.

First, what is PR? (Public Relations)

Public Relations is a strategic means which companies, organizations, people or individuals use to communicate with the public and the media. A good PR convey his/her messages to the targeted audience directly or indirectly through the media with an aim to create and maintain positive image about his/her brand and also create a strong relationship with the audience.

Public relations is not when we play gimmicks or pranks on audience intelligence for social media (SM) to go viral over, thats  propaganda.

A good PR protects the interest of where he or she gets basic salaries (CLIENT might be better here, the issue of money/salaries reduces the integrity & passion of the PR practitioner). They are oblige to paint the image of their clients good and make everyone have good perception about their clients, also let people know that their clients’ reputation is unrivaled.  A certain lady posted recently on IG claiming to be wizkid baby’s momma, star boi didn’t respond, exactly what is expected of him cos it’s not his duty but the duty of  P.R to disregard the gist.

As a good PR you are to immediately disregard such post and make sure the post never come back to life, possibly make insta video of wizzy calling the girl just a fan trying to famz baba Nla. After that, as a PR,  pick up your phone call the self -acclaimed wizzy baby momma you both should agree on terms because your client’s  carreer is on the line. I bet you don’t know how many ladies out there listen to your songs simply because you are still single.

That aside,  Wizkid should not be perceived as proud. People who look up to him should be his number one priority not everybody would get the opportunity of being a role model at the age of 23 -30 people are loving you because of your good music and personality but immediately scandals are being attached to your carreer, your fan base drops. We all know what happened to R.Kelly and the likes of others. The type of love  showered on R.Kelly when he released tp2 and 3 is not the same he is getting on his upcoming album all because of SCANDALS.‎

Nothing bad to have a baby but it has to be legal not having a baby out of wedlock, such trait is not attributed to African / Yoruba  traditions and it is perceived to be culturally unacceptable. Is that the type of legacy you want to leave for kids looking up to you, what are you promoting as an ambassador?

Next on the list baba olowo himself we heard your dad confirmed have marijuana in your system and you are dabbing.. You should be happy we are in a country where Law enforcement is not as strong as in other civilised climes..I wonder when marijuana became koko gari or dangote rice that we can just find on people we call public figures. The PR team should know that you are a mentor and no parent would be happy to know his her son or daughter idolizes someone with such reputation.  Boss get your PR team together determine what you want to make news, what you want your fans to know, let them see the good in you not the bad.

Skibii faked his death and resurrection like Lazarus it would be a slap on christianity to compare your resurrection with that of our Lord Jesus Christ  but whoever pulled that stunt and called it PR, May God help them! There are better ways to promote yourself and your craft that could have profound credible and strategic active PR plans better than that one.

As far as this year is concerned, Ola and Don still remains the biggest beef of the year, tho the year has barely started meaning a lot is still on its way but Glory be to God the beef has been squashed as claimed. It costs nothing to hold a press conference and make it more official, this alone would build more fan base and the gist would go viral than a day Twitter trend, kids years to come will salute the spirit of the unionism simply because it has never happened before. nothing bad if they organize get together party for the fans for free even if it will cost them to sell reekado and lil kesh car just to appease the fans or is it not worth it? Prolly they don’t know the psychology disturbance they caused the fans that day.

Take it or leave it, statistically if Ola and Don fans were 100% before the beef, am very sure after the beef it must have dropped to 90%. So let us imagine if they keep having beef with different artistes what would be left for them as fans ? A PR should know that there must be conflict and after conflicts comes resolution. A PR should also know how to manage conflict both pre and post conflicts.
It is the duty of a PR to be worried about their   clients reputation. Am just being honest your PR team need to step up their game it goes beyond million followers on Twitter or Instagram PR shouldn’t be basically promoting your songs and leaving your images at a dent, this will lead clients no where but astray.  How people perceive your client should be you number one priority.

PR are getting a lot of things wrong and to set the record straight, I have no grievances with any of the artiste and as a matter of fact they don’t know me, the closest we’ve ever been is on Twitter, mentions and dm. Take pictures at events if we get to see.
All these damages and unfiltered gist are what good strategic public relations officer will iron out within a minute not quacks that just hide under PR umbrella they don’t even know anything about introduction to public relations.

Aside shows , events , interviews granted by tv or radio how often do we get to see our artistes granting press conference or a press releases ? They possibly think they are tools used by politicians alone no wonder when dbanj had the opportunity to go live on E he went late cos he’s not used to such. I won’t blame Bangalee for that, the PR team deserve a stick for that. On a last note, a good PR should leave no stone unturned , he must always have contingency plans before one fails,not after it fails, and never expose your clients’ weakness.

Bad PR are like birds once the tree is not existing they fly away but good PR are like gardeners they always wet their plants to keep photosynthesizing. Their leaves never go yellow nor brown talk more cutting the trees.
those who have ear let them hear and on a sarcastic note, the only artiste with with good PR stunt is  Vic o

Michael Ogundeji

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