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Please help, My hubby’s Brother has been trying to sleep with me..

From an Ooduan
She wrote

Good evening ma
Please post for my friend
She will be reading comment, hide my ID as well.. I am 23, I got married to my husband 2yrs ago am heavily pregnant now..I and my husband was leaving very fine before my husband’s twin brother came back from Australia and because he came back with so much money and he has been the one helping us financial everybody is now worshiping him like a God…

The problem here is that he has been trying to sleep with me and my husband is even in support of it ,he said if I can’t sleep with his twin brother that means I don’t love him.because of that my husband beats me up not minding my condition, he has been trying to force me to sleep with his twin brother, this night he sent me packing am at my friends place now ..

I don’t know kind of thing is this, I don’t know what do ..I don’t know if i should go back to my parents from here or not . I am just confused… please ur advice is needed urgently am dying here

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