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Gbas-Gbos! I’m Completely Confused, What Should I Do?

My husband came home and met his friend in our house eating (I served him food when he came cos each time he come to visit my husband I serve them together.

But this time around he came when my husband had gone out) My husband walked in with a heavy face and just greeted us like he was forced to greet us. He went straight to the room and didn’t come out.
I excused myself and left his friend still eating, when I got to the room I met my husband on the bed.
I asked if he didn’t see his friend and why he is here all alone.

The next thing I heard was gbas-gbos on my face💔😳.
Daniel what did I do? He gave me another fried slap and he began to rain insults on me as to why I gave his friend food and sat comfortably gisting when he was away. I could not say a word, but he pushed me and walked away.
I overheard him telling his friend he was going out and that they will see tomorrow. I couldn’t come out to even clear the dishes until his friend left.
He came back this morning and when I asked where he slept, he asked me to leave his house if I can’t stay with him without asking where he’s coming from starting today.
I’m not just confused but blank, I don’t know if I should talk to him about his friend’s visit or be mute or just leave.
Pls, help me out💔

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