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Blood group topic unlocks hidden lies: My Dad is O & Mum A but I’m AB – Who is my daddy?

So on Monday, we’re discussing blood types and this girl was trying to figure out why her blood type didn’t make sense on her Punnett square. She told the prof her dad was O and her mom was A but yet she was AB.

My prof explained that that’s impossible, that she’s confused about the blood types or something she even – drew out the different Punnett squares to show her.

The girl was persistent that she wasn’t wrong on the blood types and was confident that there was something wrong with how the prof was doing it. So my prof told her to talk to her parents to double-check the blood types and all and make sure the information was correct.

SOOOO, she comes back to class today and my prof made a point to ask if she was mistaken or confused.
This girl is ballsy, lemme tell ya. She announces it to the entire class of 243 people.

TURNS OUT, her mom had an affair with her husband’s brother which is his stepbrother.
So technically, she’s been raised by her uncle and not her dad her entire life – her mom hid it from the both of them for 21 years.
Because my prof told her she was wrong with her blood types, she figured out her uncle was her dad and vice versa.
Now they’re getting a divorce.

ParentsBloodType Chart
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