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19 of Top 20 Nigerian Foods The Whole World Should try & Love (..Nkwobi)

19) Obe egusi

What it is: Ground melon seed stew cooked in palm oil, with included green leaf and meat or fish, prepared with ground crayfish and iru (locust beans).

Why its amazing: The fluffy clusters of egusi taste are the fundamental fascination in this stew, and there are diverse systems to get it that way: some people fry the egusi before adding it to the pot, while others bind it with egg and drop it into the stew amid cooking. And after that there are some who don’t care for it amassing by any means. The leaves are imperative as well – ewuro (bitterleaf) and ugwu (fluted pumpkin leaf) are most normally utilized, however spinach is an option on the off chance that they’re hard to source. Served with iyan (Pounded yam), amala or eba, and make an effort not to lick the dish.

20) Nkwobi

What it is: Spicy cow foot served in a thick palm oil-based sauce.
Why it’s awesome: Listen, “cow foot” may not sound like a delicacy, but you’ll just have to take it on trust that it is. For that authentic taste, you must use utazi leaves and palm oil.

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