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Berlin 1884 Divide Africa and Conquer By The colonizers

Berlin 1884: Divide and Conquer Africa By The colonizers

Berlin 1884: The conference that divided Africa The colonizers sat in Berlin in Germany to divide Africa among themselves as their personal and private properties. This was done at their free will without the presence of any Africañ.  

They freely took away Africa’s valuable resources such as Gold, Diamond, and Bauxite to build their countries and economies without paying a penny to any African. After all, Africa was their property so whom were they to make payments to? They took away from the African society, the most intelligent, the strongest, the most skilled, and the most healthy human capital and made them slaves to force them to give them all the inventions of our society.  

They kept the remaining human capital on the African soil under the control they termed colonization so that these people could work in the mines and farms, they had on the African Continent.  

To ensure that, there is animosity between the African he kept at home and the African he took away across the Atlantic, and to ensure that the Africans never come together in unity to seek their ultimate liberation, he has conjured a story that the African at home sold to him the African he took away; and when he come to the African at home, he tells him that the African he took away is lazy and for that matter he is jealous about the African at home when he travels to this new world he has built. By this, the African at home sees the African he took away as his competitor, while the African he took away sees the African at home as a betrayed brother who is worse than the worse £enemy. 

The Africans have once again become a vìctim of their common enemy and they are süffering from the burden of their failure to see. Oh, why can’t the African see the mind playing a game here, and he has fallen victim to the oppressor’s lies? There is nothing on the African soil that these colonizers ever paid for, not even the least valuable object.

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