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eja Akan fish crab

Crab or fish: Have you ever been asked that question before?

Crab or fish????
Ẹja ń m b’akan?
In Ede Oodua (Yoruba Language) Codes, Ẹja tunmọ sì different kind of reality tí ó ní ewu nínú pupọ.
Ori ni ẹja fín là ibú means victory at the end of turmoil, tribulations, or calamities.

Fish also signifies failure at the edge of breakthrough nítorí bọrọ ni ọmọ ẹja ń yọ lọ́wọ́.
Ẹja also have limited terrain of survival which is only water.

But aṣeye ni alakan ń ṣe epo tiẹ̀. And whoever waits to watch the crab in the creek waits forever.
This means that, if the reality of a man’s life is Crab, he is bound to complete whatever he started and his movements remains a mystery to those looking for his downfall.

Don’t also forget that, kò sì ibi tí Alakan kii gbé, gbogbo aye lo gbáà. Either in the water, or on the land. This means your success is neither time or location bound.

Also the formation of each of their skeletal system is of a great significance in Yoruba Land.
While one is endoskeleton, the other is exoskeleton.
These features helps their ruggedness and ability to withstand pressure.
Have you seen a crab being swallowed by a snake before?
Apa ọ̀tá ó ní ká wa.
Our reality onward shall be of Crab and not fish.

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