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Cooked Smoked Dried Catfish

Dried Smoked Cooked Catfish SZ1-4 Fillet

Dried Smoked Cooked Catfish at a pretty low temperature for 4 days from Lagos, Nigeria. It is very tasty and delicious.

Dried Smoked Cooked Catfish

The Size 1 package includes 4-5 pieces weighing about 300 grams.

Each order is carefully prepared and packaged for you. The catfish has been smoked in a closed oven grill of pure stainless steel which is according to the recommended standard by NAFDAC.

The Size 2 package includes 3 pieces weighing about 350 grams.

The Cooked Dried Smoked Catfish  is suitable for many Nigerian delicacies. For instance it is suitable for Efo Riro, efo egusi, Egusi Soup, and fish Stew. Ingredients used are ginger, pepper, salt, and curry.

The Size 3 package includes 2 pieces weighing about 400 grams.

The Size 4 package includes a piece weighing about 200 grams.

Cooked, Smoked, and dried catfish also known as Eja Obokun is a delicacy and can be added to stews and vegetable soups such as soups, pepper soup, stew, etc. Well packaged to retain freshness and deliciousness.

The fillet package includes pieces weighing about 250 gram.

What’s a Dried Smoked Cooked Catfish?

Catfish are freshwater fish that’s heads looking like cats for their whiskers. When it undergoes the process of cooking, drying and using only charcoal. Then it can be called Dried Smooked and cooked Catfish. Hence, the name catfish. You can find several types of catfish, a few of them such as Clarias African catfish, bullhead catfish, and walking catfish. However, the channel catfish, the Mud clarias catfish, and the Clariidae family catfish are the most typical and most desired in the Federal republic of Nigeria.

These fish are extremely delicious to consume, whichever way you choose to get them ready. They are often cooked, fried, or smoked. Among the many ways and shapes these fish might take, the smoked type is surely going to delight you. 

Benefits of Eating Smoked Catfish

Catfish provide a wide variety of health benefits. They are full of protein, super lower in fat, and contain omega-3 fatty acids that may reduce inflammation and improve overall heart health. Catfish are generally a great supply of Vitamins B6 and B12, along with potassium and selenium. Most of these nutrients provide numerous health advantages such as for instance helping to reduce cholesterol levels, support a wholesome immune protection system, regulate blood pressure, prevent certain kinds of cancer, and reduce the chance of stroke. 

Misconceptions About Catfish

Because wild catfish are mainly bottom feeders in lakes, rivers, and ponds, they’ve been considered distasteful. However, Nigeria farm-raised catfish are trained to forage for food at the very top of these regulated ponds, where they’re given a plentiful, healthy food source, discouraging them from searching for other food sources at the bottom of the water. Due to this, farm-raised catfish in Nigeria always taste mild and fresh.

Another misconception about catfish’s reputation is that it might taste “muddy”. However, farm-raised catfish are mild in flavor and firm in texture. Although catfish has been a popular fried dish in the South, it may be pan-seared, Smoked, dried, grilled, and baked with no “fishy” or “muddy” flavor.

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