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Do Nigerians living in the U.S want to go back to home?

Don’t get it twisted, lots of Nigerians abroad are very much interested in coming back. Yes, they may actually act uninterested and pretend like they don’t care about whatever happens in this shit-hole, alas, lots of them read up and keep abreast with issues concerning Nigeria. It’s more than a connection.

Truth is, even oyibos wey dey Nigeria dey enjoy Naija, the difference is the positioning. Where you find yourself. Scratch that, it’s about where you put yourself.

As at last inquiry, my brother-in-law pays thesame amount I spend on rent yearly, on a monthly basis… a lot of opportunities are ripe in Nigeria, but there’s no one to invest in them.

I know hundreds who have gone abroad, and sent money back to invest, so they can come back home and rest. Some of them know, that they will not be able to keep up with the hustle for long, so they do their best to invest, and build homes in Nigeria, where they will finally relax.

Truth is, Nigerians abroad want to return, but they want to return when things are alright. That won’t be long.

Nigerians at home are waking up, people are beginning to speak up, fake police officers are being discharged shamefully on a weekly basis, electricity is getting better. People are scared to penalize you for failing to bribe them, because they may find pictures of themselves on Facebook the next minute.

Nigeria is getting better, industries are springing up, people are taking advantage, and a key number of youths have realized that skill is worth more than a bag full of certificates.

Man-know-man job recommendations are being leaked to the press and discarded.

Nigeria is getting better, faster than we think, and anyone who is waiting for a 100% development before coming back, may not be able to afford a piece of land to build a small scale industry.

Look at those little things that make you comfortable abroad, improvise on those ideas, and invest in Nigeria.

Money no dey… money no dey… Nigerians are buying the latest cars and living well. Even a bole seller can build a home because business is booming. Lots of opportunities untapped.

Nigerians in diaspora, don’t come home in a casket. Come with your ideas. Nigeria is ripe now.

By Emmanuel Emetubelem

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