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o ti bo

O ti bo – The true meaning of Nigeria!

There was a country;
They import drinking water
They Import toothpick
They import every essential.
They will never buy locally-made products. Once they become rich their taste changes.
Every little money they make, they carry it abroad to spend on vacation. The money is not circulating in the economy.
The major employer of labor in the country would rather hire foreigners instead of training their own citizens for the job.
All the juicy govt contracts are contracted to foreign companies ( WHO DOES THAT 😂)
They would rather spend dollars for local transactions than their own currency
Even the men prefer international hook-ups over Local women.
These people automatically wake up one day and think their economy won’t plummet.
😂 Nigerians are jokers. Pls, what were you expecting?
Nigerians deserve the present Nigeria. Pls don’t blame one individual. We are all accomplices.
I’m happy the association of Bureau de Change in Abuja closed down.
If you ask me, that’s good news. Hopefully, we would be forced to spend our own currency and look inwards.
Or we should just cancel the naira and start spending dollars? Good for you.
Finally, why are we still pegging naira to dollars at this point? We should just let it go seriously. O ti bo.

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