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What Stuff Are You Made Of???

In an interview on NTA Kaduna in July 1987, the late Gen. Hassan Usman Katsina was asked by the interviewer how he can compare the Governors of those days and his time (1966).

This was his reply:

“I am going to give you an example and you can figure out the answer yourself.

When I was the Gov of Northern Nigeria, Dr. Abubakar imam was the General Manager of Kaduna Capital Territory. In that year, we decided to allocate plots for the present GRA in Kaduna. I applied. KAT conducted the exercise all the plots were allocated but I was not given. I did not care to find out why.

After the exercise, Dr. Abubakar Imam came to my office and he came with my application. He told me that they had finished the exercise.

He also said that he saw my application. However, he said they did not consider me qualified because I am the Governor. He said as the leader, I should be more interested in my subjects’ interest than mine. How sure was I that all citizens who wanted the plots got allocations before I applied?

He said he came with my application to tear it before me so that it will not come to me as rumour and he tore the piece of paper.”

That was the stuff our past leaders were made of.


The leaders of today, you and I please answer this question.

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