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Naija Gist Special: Why LEGENDS dont toast😘 girls

WE LEGENDS, dont toast😘 girls, rather we pretend to be your friend, then we monitor you gradually😎😎😎😎, we know when you re angry😡😡, we pretend to be caring (we know our goal)😉, we keep you company when ever you re bored😎😎😎, we always come to visit you at odd hours especially when the weather is cold😉😉, we make you trust us so much that you can even go naked in front of us and nothing will happen😇😇, sometimes we do talk dirty and laff when ever we re alone just to have fun as close frnds🤗🤗, we know you have a boyfriend but who cares🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄, then BOOM😱, when we notice any slight chance, we shift your pant and 👉👌you🙄🙄🙄, we re usually the baddest ones at it, we hit it so well that you will now be the one toasting us in the process, saying stuffs like “assshhh Greg i can do anything 4 you” “ooosshhh Greg i love those sexy eyes its making me wanna cum” “ahhh Greg ur dick is the sweetest😂😂🤣🤣” by f*cking you, we have finally achieved our goal😋😋😋, if the p*ssy is good we keep you as our f*ck mate, if not we then move on to the next bus, and the next and the next till we finally reach our final bus stop nd then settle down with 1 girl n get married…..

We dont go around toasting🌷🌹🌹 girls like banky W, we dont impress girls with cars and money 🎫🎫💶💴 like Wizkid (bcux we no even get self)🤔🤔, we dont wear swaggy clothes n be forming swagger to impress girls like Lil Wayne (who does that???), but we go still hide one side dey f*ck the babe when you dey use everything they impress for FREE😈😈😈😈

“I AM A LEGEND” 😂😂😂😂 …

Chinonso Edeh

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