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Esu (Not Satan in the Bible), Divine Messenger, Esu Odara, Esu lanlu ogirioko

Esu, Divine Messenger, Esu Odara, Esu lanlu ogirioko.Okunrin ori ita, A jo langa langa lalu. A rin lanja lanja lalu. Ode ibi ija de mole.Ija ni otaru ba d’ele ife.To fi de omo won.Oro Esu to to to akoni. .

Ao fi ida re lale. Esu ma se mi o. Divine Messenger do not confuse me.Esu ma se mi o. Esu ma se mi o. Omo elomiran ni ko lo se. Pa ado asubi da. No ado asure si wa. -Ase o

Before there was the birth of baby Jesus(Jewesun) Esu was born. It is he that
Is called Lagemo Orun(sacred child of Heaven). The one which existed before the begining of time ! The man of the CROSSroads of life .The divine child born through Osun as stated in odu Ose Tura as Esu Odara. Esu Odara sacred child born to save the world. We can look to anywhere in the world for the first son of Olodumare but it will be futile. The rest are illigimate copies of the one we call Elegbara! The one that existed before all else..lt is through HIM salvation lies!

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  1. Segun Adewake-up

    Iba Eledumare, Iba Aye toto eniyan, Iba esu laalu oooo. Esu dakun ma se mi o, ibi o ti nbo ni o lo.


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