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Ifa teaches root knowledge !

Through the practice of Orisa Lifestyle, you are afforded the kinds of experiences that help you develop a higher value of the fundamentals

When you appreciate water, where it comes from and what it does, you will more easily understand what it means when Ifa says water has no enemies, water never hits the ground without making a path, or water is everlasting.

The fundamentals are synonymous with root experience. It is hardly ever abstract. It is a knowledge that one embodies and “innerstands” based upon things she has seen, felt and done first hand. Ifa says:

Both Obara and Okanran
Cast divination for Ose, the Baobab
Who was asked to perform an offering
So that Ose’s wealth may overpower all other trees in the bush
Ose heard about the offering and performed it
Therefore only trees which are top heavy
May be pulled down by the wind
Operekete (Wild and solid)
The bottom of Ose is firmly rooted in the ground
– Holy Odu ObaraOkanran

Knowledge and abstract information makes one top heavy. Wisdom and experience make one well-grounded. Orisa Lifestyle preferences habits of behavior over initiations and titles. And so, we live the medicine through disciplined behaviors.

Obafemi Origunwa, MA

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