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Sango Is The god Of Thunder & Lightning

He is Known As the Greatest Of Warrior Kings And A Lover Of Truth And Justice Who Mercilessly Punishes The Thieves And Liars. He Is A Great Dancer And Lover Of Music…Kabiyesi Sango O!!! ‪#‎Sango‬ Olukoso# ‪#‎Oko‬ Oya# ‪#‎Irunmole‬# ‪#‎Orisa‬# ‪#‎Isese‬ Lagba# ‪#‎Proudly‬ Olorisa# #‪#‎Priestess‬#

Iyalorisa Omitonade Ifawemimo


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Sango was a royal ancestor of Oodua. He was the third king of the Oyo Kingdom. He succeeded Ajaka, son of Oranmiyan. His symbol is a double-headed axe, which represents swift and balanced justice. Mythologically, he (and 14 others) burst forth from Yemaja’s body after her son, Orungan, attempted to rape her for the second time. In another set of stories, Sango is the son of Aganju and Obatala. As the story goes, Obatala, the king of the white cloth ...