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A little more about Amosàngó.

Shangó is someone who loves to tell the truth.
Liars can’t be in his presence. Sàngó does justice with precision as Ifá makes us understand that Sàngó can see anything stored anywhere in a matter of seconds no matter the weight of the item.

Odí Ogbe narrates to us how the power of Oango was summoned to arrest the person who had kidnapped Orisa’s wife.
In a bright light from heaven, he saw where the woman was located and the person holding her there; Shango pulled them both out of there to give them proper punishment.

Shango not only punishes his captives with death when the offense committed deserves death but also ensures that they receive no sympathy. In many instances, he dissects the victim’s corpse as if the sharpest saw blade pierced his body but he still holds his body whole. The corpse always stays black as if it’s burned.

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