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The Pastor, Church Member and heaven!

Your church member is hungry but you went and reroofed a beautiful church building and installed more air conditioner. Pastor, will you make heaven?

You did not even mind if your members die out of frustration but you mind they should come to church at all cost so that your seat arrangements will compel them to drop offering of frustration.

You see these scammers on suit giving you motivational messages bereft of fear of god, I warn you today, distance yourself from their business centres!!

Any time you hear talk like this: “If you want to end your suffering increase your offering”, run for your life because you must regret it.

Jesus had to borrow horse for his journey yet he fed 5000 without camera. Today, your pastors measure their calling with the number of luxury cars at their disposal.

They do not teach perseverance. They do not teach holiness. They hate salvation messages. They condole your fake life you feel comfortable? You better join odumeje on youtube than wasting your transport to that modern shrine.

Do not say I did not warn you!!

Kingsley okah

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