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Should I tie the knot with a man who had 3 kids with a woman & never married her?

Photo Credit: african-sweetheart.com

Photo Credit: african-sweetheart.com

The person I’m dating today was with a lady for 17 years and had three children with her however they never married. He never even proposed to her. We met in April this season shortly when they separated and the main reason they separated was because the lady gave him an ultimatum, either he married her or it’s over. He chose to exit  the relationship nevertheless now he really wants to marry me. He wants us to truly have a wedding in December. I was okay with it in the beginning until I received the longest e-mail I’ve ever read from his children’s mother. She explained exactly what transpired between them and asked me to please reconsider marrying him. She sounded very heartbroken. Should I let him  go back to his family or should I really do what he wants and marry him? I’m confused. I enjoy him though but I’ve been feeling guilty since reading the letter.

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