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Please help! I can’t please my girlfriend in bed anymore.

I’ve been dating this lady for 11 months and s3x with her is destroying my self-esteem. No real matter what I actually do to her and on her behalf, I can’t appear to please her or make her reach orgasm. ...

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Please, what would you do you were in my shoes ?

I have been seeing this guy  for 9 months and in those 9 months, all the time we’d s3x, it was unprotected. In reality I was the main one who always insisted he used protection to prevent any issues. He ...

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My wife found out I’am having an affair & said nothing. Should I be worried?

My spouse heard bout a couple of weeks ago that I’m having an affair but hasn’t said a phrase about any of it to me. She knows I understand that she knows that I’ve a partner but she’s refused to ...

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Should I tie the knot with a man who had 3 kids with a woman & never married her?

The person I’m dating today was with a lady for 17 years and had three children with her however they never married. He never even proposed to her. We met in April this season shortly when they separated and the ...

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