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Please help! I can’t please my girlfriend in bed anymore.

I’ve been dating this lady for 11 months and s3x with her is destroying my self-esteem. No real matter what I actually do to her and on her behalf, I can’t appear to please her or make her reach orgasm. I’ve used my tongue, my fingers, my p****, nothing works.

Sometimes I’ll go down on her behalf and stay there for over 30 mins attempting to please her and when I raise my head to see if she was enjoying it she’d ask me, are you done? I strain my mouth and tongue for way too long and all I get are you done?’ She’s circumcised but I have experienced s3x with other circumcised women who enjoyed it but this woman is simply so rigid, I’ve never seen anything like it. But when you suggest I dump her, I have to inform you that’s no selection for now, I’m crazy about her. The rest in our relationship is certainly going well, I recently can’t seem to make her enjoy intimacy with me.
What do I do?

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