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Abobaku !! Re Fake: Burial Of Ooni Of Ife Stalled, As ”Abobaku” Of Ooni Absconds

Please beware of Invented story or fabricated one. Ask the people sharing fake story about the personality behind the Abobaku? People spreading fake story and propaganda against the religion or tradition of the land should  find out the meaning  before buying into the fabricated story

Who’s personality is behind the so called “Abobaku” ?

Abobaku is a word and an expression you can use for so many things proverbially. It is not a title.

E mi o le se “AbobakuObirin” meaning I will not die because of a woman.
Mi o le se “AbobakuOga” that is I will not die for the boss.
Most of us are carried away by western culture…including their religion, fashion, music, language just to mention a few.

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  1. Omo Naija To badt

    Pls tell all of them.Stupid foreign puppets spreading propaganda against our tradition.As if the one they already did is not ok

  2. Omo Naija To badt

    Abobaku !! All of you spreading lies, the Devil and shaitan in your stupid bible and Quran will punish all of you. #Puppets

  3. omotola Ladoja

    Thanks for the Abobaku clarrification !!

  4. Thanks you omo oodua rere

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